Week 13: Reflection

I learned a lot of things from this trimester. I learned that green screen isn’t as easy as it sounds and I learned that it’s important to be organized with props and costumes to ensure no props are left out or made obsolete. With three different episodes of the web series set in different universes, there aren’t any props or costumes which carry over from episode to episode. In saying this, this made things extremely difficult when it came to organizing all the props and costumes, and keeping track of who was sourcing which. In the future, I will definitely be harder on directors to ensure that what props they’re asking me to make, will be used. Since there were a number of props that I was asked to make, which weren’t used in the final product. Not only does this make me feel like my time isn’t appreciated, but it also takes away from the film’s budget. This just means I have to be clearer in regards to Production Design.

Just recently I have been lucky enough to be invited to participate in an internship at Ignition Pictures, where I will hopefully be able to build upon the skills I learned in AE and Premiere Pro. While post-production isn’t the area I want to settle in down the line, I think it’s important to have a clear understanding of each department. This trimester was so much fun because it gave me a chance to work in Comedy. I had never worked on a project tackling comedy before, so it was an experience to feel the nerves on exhibition night be swept away with the laughter of students watching out web series.



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