Week 12: Exhibition

This week we showcase our web series at SAE’s student exhibition. Over the weekend I was working on my comping work, keying the green screen for the last chapter of the web series. Whether or not Chris wants to use my comp or not, I’m glad I learned how to get a good key (although not all my keys are consistent). It was something I knew I couldn’t leave the last minute, which is why I made time in the edit suite Monday morning to ensure I had my footage completed.

On Tuesday night our school hosted the exhibition, and our web series showcased about half way through. In my opinion, given our web series is a comedy, and given its niche market. I feel that the audience that will be in the exhibition is our target. Since most will have an understanding of fanfiction. I was quite happy with the reception, each episode got some laughs, even if they weren’t pissed your pants funny, they still got chuckles.

However, there were some issues in regards to the sound mix. Our overall volume for the sound was too loud and had to be turned down seconds into the Batman episode. In regards to the final Online edit, I was quite impressed. Gi



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