Week 11: Rough cut edit, sound design.

This week we were able to see the assembly and rough edits for our web series episodes. Chris has been working hard the past week, and it’s good to see our episode taking shape. There are obvious keying issues, but they will be dealt with during comping week. My narration is still a placeholder but will be replaced by The Narrator’s voice after ADR is recorded.

The only feedback I had for the rough cut edit, was merely trimming tails and heads of clips. There is an option that one of the shots will be cut (of the burning casserole flying out window) since the actual logistics of filming on the green screen are proving too difficult.

This week I will be meeting with audio students from SAE to discuss the sound design and style moving into the post-production audio. After meeting with four of the students and the lecturer for a few hours Wednesday morning, I’m happy to say that Chris and I’s vision was effectively translated. The audio students understood that we need a theme song which falls similar to the classic Batman TV series, but it needed to be somewhat off kilter. The way I describe it was: imagine if Batman was made into a cheap Japanese rip off.

We w



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