Week 8: Character Breakdowns

This week’s blog activity is to do a character breakdown of the characters in my respective web series, and analyze what creative techniques will aid the actors to bring their role to life. Since each episode of the “Fantastic Fiction” web series will be set in its own universe, the two main characters will most likely be doubling up on roles.

The main role for the Batman episode is of course….

  • Batman: an oafish, caricature of the crime-fighting superhero. Our Batman is aware that he is a kick ass superhero, and rocks it. He isn’t phased with switching back to Bruce Wayne in his personal hours, typically finding himself roaming around the house in complete costume. To spice things up on weekends, Batman dresses up as a Samurai when he fights crime with Robin.

The side characters are:

  • Alfred: An American, female version of Batman’s favorite butler. This Alfred constantly finds himself in the middle of Batman’s shinanigans.
  • Robin: Our iteration of Batman’s trusty sidekick is a teenage girl, who’s an experienced ‘kar-a-te’ expert.

There are several different styles of performances Chris and I could go after. There are many voices, tones and mannerisms that Guy (the actor playing Batman) could do, that will take the character into different directions.

Luckily I will be doubling as Production Design, so I have an in depth knowledge of all the inner workings of the other departments. Since our episode requires makeup for The Joker, I have contacted a student from SAE- Camilla, who will be doing makeup effects on set.



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