Week 7: Sourcing Three Different locations for same scene.

This week’s activity is taking a scene from our web series “Fantastic Fiction”, and finding three different locations. I will be dissecting each one and will detail which location Chris (co-director) and I will be choosing and why. The scene I have chosen is the kitchen scene from “Batman Makes A Casserole”. In this scene, Batman puts a tray of casserole in the “Bat-crowave”, and after returning finds his casserole in flames.

The three locations I have found are:

  • Real Kitchen in Koornang – Thanks to my brother, I was lucky enough to get the OK to film in his kitchen need be. It’s a typical kitchen, nothing fancy, yet nothing dingy. Let’s just say not the Wayne Manor that you’d expect from Batman. This location certainly plays into the ludicrous of the entire show, clearly telling the audience we aren’t taking ourselves too seriously.
  • Green Screen Kitchen – Since the show’s visual style is a combination of Drunk History X Danger Five, a green screen kitchen does look like the best option. Using a green screen will allow Chris and me to manipulate the frames and background plates, allowing us to change to different style backgrounds to change the visual mood.
  • Real Kitchen in Belgrave – A third alternative is using the kitchen in the home in Belgrave. The bonus’ of filming in an actual location will aid us, however, the style of the kitchen is old fashioned, and may not fit the style of the rest of the episode.

The best option for us moving forward in production is to use the Green Screen Kitchen. While the real locations in Koornang and Belgrave are realistic, that isn’t quite the style we are searching for. Plus, using a green screen will allow us to use special effects (i.e smoke/fire, bat symbol effects). Ultimately, however, the greenscreen fits harmonizes well with the other two episodes, which look to be entirely Green screen.


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