Week 6 Reflection: Potential Hazards in the Belgrave Shoot

In the upcoming weeks we will be filming our title sequence in a location I scouted in Belgrave. The house belongs to a family friend of mine, who were kind enough to lend me and the rest fo the crew their property for the day. We will be filming the opening title sequence for the “Fantastic Fiction” web series, as well as The Narrator’s reading segments for all three episodes (which typically open and close each episode). Our show runner Ben decided on a title sequence which will involve a collection of beauty shots inside The Narrator’s reading room (A classic Victorian style study with fireplace). The Narrator segments involve the character introducing the story, as well as the narration throughout. With the help of some props sourced by Ben and our producer Jen, along with our old style Victorian house, the production design was looking good. However, I only have one potential hazard moving forward.

In our collection of beauty shots, but majorly in The Narrator segments, we are to have the fireplace lit for a certain amount of the shots. The fireplace on location isn’t used by the family and hasn’t been for some time. Not mention the risk of having the fire exposed for too long risking ambers burning the carpet. I have taken steps to ensure that there won’t be a problem with the homeowners, by speaking with them prior. I was able to organize for one of the homeowners to be home, who could overlook the fire. As well as on set it was decided that for a majority of the shots we would fake the fire with the help of LED light panels and orange gels. I look forward to playing around with faking the fire, as it’s something I have never done but am interested in learning. The fireplace will be lit after all other shots have been accomplished, and we will swiftly move through the remaining shots, being sure to mind the fire and using grills in between takes.


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