Week Four: Breakdown Moving Ahead

Moving ahead in pre-production there are some things that I need to do in order to be ready for production, as Co-Director and as Production Design. Our class was lucky that our lecturer Guy was able to share a template of a production checklist, which can be shared and edited with/by the entire class. This includes everything from task checklists for pre-production, budget breakdowns, and an outline of the cast and crew’s dietary requirements. The task checklist includes tasks relevant to me such as storyboard deadlines, location updates, location photos and prop management. However, since the prop/costume list is so extensive, a master prop and costume list will be arranged once all assets have been finalized.

I have completed the storyboards, which I did with the help of my trusty parents Paul and Lisa, who were kind enough to step into the shoes of Batman and Robin. I took the images on my phone, which I then loaded into a template in Photoshop. Since starting pre-production I have begun construction of several props, such as the Bat-crowave, Horse Heads for the MLP Episode, and several other props and costumes.

Luckily I was able to find a location for The Narrator’s study, and the title sequence through a family friend. After location recces by myself, taking photo’s and sending on to the showrunner Ben. We took a visit with the DOP of the Title sequence, Trent, and took a better look. While the location is still up in the air, I’m fairly certain we will choose it.


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