Fan(tastic) Fiction: The Title Sequence

My vision for the Fan(tastic) Fiction title sequence uses similar camera tracking motions as that seen in the “Tales Of The Crypt” linkl below. Moving through a door into a long, dimly lit hallway. As the camera glides down the hallway, it focuses on several paintings on the walls: Dracula posing nude like Rose from Titanic, a group of My Little Ponies, sit around a poker table smoking cigars, and a handpainted portrait of Batman holding his shaved cat- ‘Lion’.

Moving down the hallway and past a turn we spot a few other fan fiction paintings on the walls. Until finally we see an open doorway in the distance. A warm light radiating from the room. We gain speed closing in on the mysterious doorway, and enter. The door slams shut behind, revealing a luxurious smokers room, and a book on a table- which is the source of the glow. On the cover- Fan(tastic) Fiction.

Understandably this is ambitious, it could be done by using cardboard miniatures for the hallway, then a location for the study- which we would need for production anyway. Since the showrunner Ben liked the idea of having the title on the book cover, I took that and came with the idea: Downton Abbey X the opening of Raiders Of The Lost Ark.


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