Roles In The Industry

Since starting my Bachelor Of Film in 2015, I have slowly found which areas of production I would like to work on. I’ve had my chance to work as Production Designer, Producer, Camera Operator, 1st AD, Director and have found enjoyment from every role. Since I was young I have dreamed of being a writer, which is the driving factor behind me wanting to become a Screenwriter. Thankfully during my time at SAE I have had the opportunity to develop some of my scripts, as well as some new ideas as well.

I can see myself working either as a freelance screenwriter, or working for a production company, but not so much television. I’m far more comfortable with the structure of feature-length and short films, but I’m open to anything in the future. As a writer, I would love to Direct my own films, and am trying my best to become more technically skilled with cameras.

Production design is probably my third favourite role behind Screenwriting and 1stAD/Directing since it allows you to have some creative control over the look and style of the film. I also thoroughly enjoy Op shopping, and looking through tip shops to find props and costumes dirt cheap.

I have also contemplated taking a short 6-month course on special FX makeup after completing my diploma, which should hopefully give me the ability to do my own FX for horror and gangster films.


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