A Slasher Killer In Our Midst

For this trimester I will be a part of a production team creating a three episode web-series. Everyone was asked to pitch an idea but unfortunately, my idea wasn’t voted through to production. My pitch was:

A comedy/horror following a crazed man who runs into his former high school sweetheart, now a famed model. A mid-life crisis spawns his plan to kidnap her for a handsome sum, using techniques from his favourite slasher films.

While I feel my pitch gave the class an idea of the overall tone and feel of my idea, I think it could have been executed better. I feel as though I rambled on towards the end, which resulted in my idea coming across as more cost/case heavy that it actually was. However, I do feel my pitch was unique and offered a story unseen by audiences. It’s important to be skilled at elevator pitches because you never know who you might run into at any given time, and you want your idea to come across cleanly as well as enticing your audience.

My idea stemmed from a school project I did with a longtime friend of mine Sam, who currently studies Sound Engineering at JMC. The original idea- My Name Is Herbert, was more of a caricature of my current draft. I think the idea has potential but definitely, needs to be worked on. Specifically the horror films I parody, and the overall structure of the web series. My target audience is teenagers/young adults, fans of 80s/90s horror films, and horror fans in general.


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