Reflection: Week 13

IT’S HERE! As much as I loved the whole production process, I glad that I can relax and be able to look back on my trimester. I definitely feel as though I’ve made great strides as  filmmaker. As Production Designer I’ll admit, I wasn’t as up to date with my check-list than I should have been. But I pulled it together by green-lighting, and learned that keeping others in you’re group up to date with what you’re doing gives them peace at mind. Being the PD it opened me up to a whole new world of Salvos, Savers, Spotlight, Tip Shops and everything else you can think of.

As 1st AD I was able to learn a bit about lens’ doing the call sheets. With the help of Dee I’ve left this trimester with a better understanding of lens. At the start of trimester the thought of call sheets and schedules made me shutter, but after doing 5-6 redrafts, it’s exciting to see how quickly I can make one up in Word.

Although I’m still improving my time management and organisation skills, being the 1st AD forced me to pull my socks up, and fast. Each night before shoot there’d be checklist after checklist with Dee making sure we had everything for the next day. It was stressful, and if I had to do it again, I would arrange an several art assistants to ensure I wasn’t doing two roles on set.

I feel as though I worked well with everyone on set. I tried to keep it casual, yet professional, and I believe it worked. I feel as though I worked well with everyone on set. There were a few members of the crew who seemed to add to the pile of stress than to give us a hand. But in total I’m happy with how I went.

Overall, this trimester has shown he so much. Whether it be the amount of paper work for permits and location agreements, or the different avenues you can take looking for props and costumes. I’m excited to start my documentary next trimester!


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