Reflections: Week 12

After our final weekend of shooting, it’s good to see our cut come together. Although there were some issues, it was good to see it finally take shape. Mark clearly took a lot of our feedback into consideration, and it was good to see what we shot cut together into a cohesive story.

Although the last edit I saw was still needing score and colour grade, I firmly believe that given some time our edit final piece will be great. Although I was unable to attend the films screening at the Exhibition due to work commitments, I hear some problems did arise. Our final score wasn’t finished, which could be because we left so little time for the audio students, and our credits didn’t screen, which was a problem with the final edit. Much like our music video last trimester, our editor kept working on the project after trimester had finished, and it came together great. With some more work, I think we really put together something worthwhile.


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