Reflections: Week 11

This week we saw the assembly and rough cut of our film. It isn’t great, but it’s missing scenes, proper sound mix and picture lock. But it’s a rough cut, and I understand that. Considering Mark, our editor, was given mere days after our first weekend of shooting, I don’t blame him. The films coming together, but it just needs some overall fine tuning with the cuts, sounds, and most importantly pace. After our next weekend of shooting, it’ll be good to see the how we are looking going into the final screening.

We also began researching trailers for one of our final assessments for the trimester. We’re asked to cut together a trailer for our film Ritual but had to remain faithful to genre conventions. There are so many different styles, for instance, Logan’s opting for a classic 80’s horror film, with voice-over and everything. Whereas I’m opting for a more conservative, 10 Cloverfield Lane type of feel. Where you know something’s askew, but you aren’t sure what it is.


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