Reflection: Week 9-10

Currently, we are in the middle of shooting the film. Although its stressful times, being responsible for all costumes, props, and most catering for the day, I’m enjoying every second. As I’m also juggling the role of 1st AD, I’m constantly checking the schedule and time. I think it’s half the reason the day goes so quick for me, I’m constantly trying to beat the clock.

On our first day of shooting we were in Belgrave, which may not be far for me, but considering most of the crew are from South Melbourne, or the other side of town, it’s difficult to transport everyone. I think it’s fair to say we had an amazing shoot Day 1. We were progressing smoothly, never seemed to really fall behind schedule, and we even finished ahead of time…. However, one thing that did bug me was we never got to eat my pasta bake since we were shooting in the kitchen leading up to lunch, and the oven was too loud to use. Nonetheless, I think we did a great job.

On our second day of shooting we were in Belgrave once again, and seemed more fluid than the day before. Since all our gear and majority of costumes were at the location, we were able to jump right in with filming. One thing I had never experienced was working with a “child actor”. I learned that either a parent, guardian or the on-set child supervisor, which in this case was the Director, had to be with the actor at all times. This wasn’t in the way, I just had to adjust to it. We finished ahead of schedule again, and we’re able to eat the pasta bake as well. We worked with four lovely actors, and it was interesting to see how well they interacted even though having just met(most of them). This was our final day of shooting in Belgrave, and we’re sure to thank the family generous enough to let us shoot. Melissa, the mother, even commented on how professional we all looked.

Day Three, however, posed new issues. We were in Drouin, and to make matters worst Dee and I were running that. It was a miscommunication between the crew. The call time had been 9am, however, apparently it was changed on day two to 8am. Although we arrived at 8:40am, we ran into issues when some of the actors began running late as well. I took responsibility for my lateness and made a note to change the call sheets for next week. Although some of the main production crew panicked, I knew there was nothing we could do until the actors arrived. So we began setting up the first scene and got everything prepared at catering. Overall the day wasn’t great, but I do believe it will benefit us for next weeks shoot. I failed to account for finer details in the Drouin shoot, like transportation time between location and unit, and time allocated to get a goat which will be in the film.

On Saturday’s pick up day, I drove up to Drouin with my older brother James, and helped Mark and Logan take some establishing, and pick up shots. James and I even got to be in the film as one of the Acolytes.

For our final day of shooting, we were much more prepared. In the morning we had some time before actors arrived to get the goat ready. We were using it in a handful of shots, majorly interior and in the clearing. My parents Paul and Lisa made the trip down and dressed up and were Acolytes in our final scene. They seemed to have a lot of fun, and although we weren’t as on schedule as I’d hope, we did finish ahead by a small margin




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