Reflection: Week 8

In my KPI (Key Performance Indicator) Report, we were asked to grade ourselves in the different KPI’s , then have a meeting with our lecturer discussing our responses. I feel my reponses quite accurate, and it was good to see my lecturer- Steph, agreeing. I’m aware of my Time Management and Organisation skills being sub-par, but I’m slowly getting better. Honestly that’s why I through myself into the 1st AD role, becuase I wanted to see how I would perform.

Our Greenlighting pitch however didn’t go as well. For Greenlighting we need to be able to prove that we are ready to step into production. However we were only Amber-lit, which is better than Red-lit, if that even is a thing. We’re missing permits from Child Services, which are on they’re way, some issues that need fixing in the script. Although I was behind with costumes, and some of the props. Over the past week I’ve gone out and sourced almost all of the costumes, with a few undershirts for the actors missing. At this point there aren’t too many props and miscelanious things I need to buy. I was also repsonsible for formatting and distributing the call sheets and schedules. Although I was nervous at first, seeing as I’d never done them before. I saw that they aren’t increibly difficult once you get the idea. I had the luxury of using Shotlister, an app on the iOS and Android. It was reccomended by Steph, and already I can see how helpful it’s going to be on set.

The communication so far within the group hasn’t been the greatest. But we’ve all acknowledged that, and are making strides to work on it. Whether this means 15 second phone calls just to clarify something, or a 10 minute call discussing the costumes.



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