Reflection: Week 6

I was quite keen for our Cinematography Workshop since the camera department is not my specicalty at all. Since I’m a fan of stylistic films, the film stills I brought in were film noir, and others with vast colour palletes. I’ve attached a few bellow, and my favourite as the featured image above.

spring breakers.png

prison bars.png

The only issue that really arose during the Cinematography Workshop was lighting two actors that would be moving in a scene. This was in preparation for one of our main “Confrontational Scenes” in our short film. The scene consists of our protagonist Megan, confronting the antagonist.

So far during production we’ve locked in one location in Belgrave, where we will shoot the majortity of our interior scenes. The home belongs to a family friend of mine, and harnesses the classic Victorian Era architecture style which fits the film perfectly.

I’ve begun working on some of the props, our antagonist’s Bible, and the bottles of rat poison. I was able to source a hardcover book- Field Of Grief, and two small glass bottles, from Salvation Army stores. While I’m moving through my produtcion check-list, I’m not moving at the pace I’d like.


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