Reflection: Week 5

This week we saw the formation of our primary production team. From here we began establish possible locations for our short film, which takes mainly on a farm/house, but the script also called for a scene in a Clearing. I suggested a family friend of ours, and Dee and I scheduled a location scout to establish whether or not Logan approves.

Writer/Producer– Christopher Michael | Director– Logan Starow | DOP– Dee Camino | Production Desginer/1ST AD – Jackson Marchetti | 1st AC/Editor – Mark Davenport

We also had our 1st AD/Casting Workshops and learned some valuable things. Like how important it is to make sure the auditioning actor doesn’t feel like their on “Australian Idol”. As for 1st AD, what I take away from that is:

Director’s work with the actors and direct them, whereas a 1st AD works with the crew and directs them. 

The 1st AD works with the Director and helps the crew work to the next shot. The workshop was interesting, and it was good to see the importance of 1st AD on set. In or prior shoot Derroman, our lecturer Darcy really had to push everyone to get through the shoot at certain times; and at the time I just saw it as him being our teacher. But now he was keeping us on schedule, making sure our Director was on track, and that we were running smoothly…. He was the 1st AD.


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