Reflection: Week 4

This week we pitched our screenplay’s to some lecturers. Unfortunatley my script wasn’t chosen, but I’m keen to work on a project that isn’t one of my stories. Since I work on my scripts in my spare time, I’m surrounded by my own ideas and “universe” if you will. However this new project will hopefully provide me with a new prospective narratively. The film the lecturers have selected is RITUAL. 

A short thriller which follows Megan, a timid and submissive young girl, who must stand against her entire cult to prevent the ritual sacrifice of her younger sister, Jessica.

For our crew pitches, I pitched for the roles of Production Designer and 1st Assistant Director. I’m happy to say that I was selected of both! My visual presentation was extensive, as I wanted to establish that I had a clear idea of the films look as production designer.

If I were to change anything about my pitches, I would have taken more time to set the tone for my script in my pitch. As for oral presentations in general I feel I’m getting better. Maybe it’s the fact I’m doing a few of them each trimester, or the fact there’s no more than six people in my class… who knows?


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