Reflection: Week 3

This week we had our Pitching Workshop, and we received feedback for writing our third draft. Unfortunatley my main piece of feedback was that I didn’t make enough changes in my latest draft. I took this feedback and added some new scenes into my story, and more. What was hard was cutting half of a scene which I loved, but what I saw was it focused the story on Monty-the protagonist. I also rearranged some scenes to trick the audience in the begining of the film. These changes help focus the story, and take away elements that distract from the main values of the story.

So far during our drafts I’ve learnt so much about how to critically reflect on your own work, and how giving feedback on others work helps your own writing as well. Throughout my drafts I wanted to build off my original material, and our screenwriting classes have helped me do that. I’ve added scenes that build the tension, and made pivitol changes to the ending which help its delivery.

Our pitching workshop helped break down the elements of a pitch, and really gave me some confidence going into my Writer’s pitch.


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