Reflection: Week 2

In this week we read through everyone’s scripts and gave warm and cool feedback. The other guys in my class really put together some great stuff. I took my feedback and saw that some smaller ideas that I thought were good, we’re entirely thought out. My second draft runs a lot smoother and clears up a lot of clarifying questions. When is it set? Why does this happen? Ect.

I find revising my scripts sometimes more enjoyable that writing them at the beginning. It’s something about fine tuning my scripts that I love.

We also worked with one of our lecturers, Ian Dixon, in the Directing Actors Workshop. It was interesting to see how to manage a scene, and how to go about giving actors direction.  What I really enjoyed was seeing how the scene (from Dexter) changed from our first take to our last. It was great to see how fluid the actors became in their roles. I even got a crack at directing the final aspects of the scene and found that what I did improved the scene- according to Ian that is.

Last but not least, I’ll leave you with my revised logline for my short film “Method Acting”:

When a self-absorbed actor’s diminishing mental health starts interfering with his performance, he must choose between his family, or cementing his legacy. 


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