Reflection: Week 1

This week in class we discussed our first drafts of our short films. Each student in the class brought forward short film scripts, and we were told that after three more drafts, one script would be chosen for production. My short film idea stemmed from when I heard Jack Nicholson ‘quit acting because he can’t remember his lines’. Here’s my first logline:

After an ageing actor’s mental health starts deminishing, he’ll have to choose between his family or cementing his legacy. 

My protagonist’s name is Monty, an ageing actor who has had some success in supporting roles, and was even nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor in 1940. Monty and his wife/agent Pauline have a daughter named Lisa, and a grandson named Billy. In 1948 Monty earned the leading role in lawroom drama, but sadly turned in a poor performance that would stunt his Hollywood status dramatically. To add to Monty’s misfortune, Pauline’s health began declining and it wasn’t long until she passed on. In his later years, rather than sit and rot, Monty decided to take one last plunge into Hollywood. It took some time, but soon enough Monty earned the role of Detective Bogart in a Jack the Ripper crime thriller.

In class we also did a directing workshop, and in my opinion the most important skills for a director to have woud be: having a collected demeanor on set, not barking orders at people, and  ensuring that cast and crew you select not only have the same vision, but you can work well with them also.

There are plenty of adjustment I need to make to my script, but I’m keen to see where it goes from here.



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