Social Media in the Film Industy

Growing up in the generation I do, social media is a huge aspect of day to day life. Whether it be Facebook, Vimeo, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr, or Pinterest- you get the point. On a daily basis your surrounded by people using social media, if not yourself. This blog I’m writing now, on this website, is social media… and by reading this you’re interacting with social media. For years now Artists and Creators have been using social media to spread the word of their work, and gain connections through networking. With our class starting to create our online portfolios, I’ve started to have a look at what social media sights suit me best as a filmmaker. Facebook is a given, and is a platform which allows me to share information with the world at any given moment. This makes it perfect for advertising crowdfunding, or competitions. By sharing your page on Facebook, and by asking friends and family to also, you’re instantly broadening your network without any trouble at all. Personally I never understand why people at SAE always preferred to use Vimeo over Youtube. But after creating an account I can see why. Not only does Vimeo give you extensive settings, like setting passwords for videos, but it allows you to download the video straight from the website- unlike Youtube.

Being in the sales industry I’ve actually been apart of LinkedIn for a year or two now. I haven’t done much with it, but its good to know I’ve got something to build upon. In the recent year or so Snapchat has launched into popularity. With them adding new features and filters every day, the app truly remains timeless. An idea I’ve seen many people do is post behind the scenes footage on their snapchat stories, this allows their fans to feel more connected. This is typically done by musicians or performers, but good nonetheless. I follow independent Aussie rapper Ivan Ooze (ivanuzi), and he posts a tonne of snapchats during his tours and it’s great to see what he gets up to.

ivan ooze.jpg
Have a look at ivanuzi if you can. Posts great snapchats during tour. 

I’ve only recently discovered Pinterest, which I describe as a blog for photos, and I’ve got to say I love it. In the past few projects I have been trying my hand at production design, and Pinterest offers me a great way to share my work and hopefully gain some potential clients.

If you would like to follow me on Pinterest here’s my link:



What Social Media Really Means to the Film Industry by Elliot Grove. Retrieved from Mastering Film.


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