Inclusive Design.

If I’m being perfectly honest, inclusive design isn’t something I’ve thought a great deal about. This weeks lecture gave me an opportunity to dive into a subject I had almost no prior knowledge in. I was aware of Closed Captions, and how they assist the hearing impaired, but I had always wondered what systems were in place for people with vision impairments. Not only are there horror themed audio games, and films for the blind, but Colour Blindness Simulators that can assure those with colour blindness are getting a good picture also. I’ve always thought about Race in films, and how their depicted- i.e the horror film cliche of the black guy dying first, but I’ve never really considered games. Now that I think back to it, and playing games like Bioshock Infinite, it just clicks. Games such as Call Of Duty use the history books in creating their narratives. In regards to women in film, and The Bechdel Test, this was an area that shocked me. To see just how many films don’t pass the test. To pass The Bechtel Test the film must include a scene, with two women in it, who talk to each other, about something other than a man. One of my favourite films The Dark Knight doesn’t pass the test, or even The Big Lebowski, Ghostbusters and Back To The Future.

The test isn’t a sign of feminism, just on female presence in a film. Now with films such as Reservoir Dogs- which has an all male cast, I can understand why it didn’t pass the test. I think with the awareness with gender equality in today’s society the rate of films passing the test will increase. I’m not saying that Tarantino should have made Mr. Pink a woman, or Dan Aykroyd should have written Winston as a female. But you look at films being released today, specifically the reincarnation of Ghostbusters, led by an all-star female cast and it seems as if they are going to unleash a new take on an old franchise.

The cast of the 2016 take on Ghostbusters.

Personally, in regards with my writing, I can’t say I’ve written too many female characters. Not that it’s been an decision, I just find it easier to write male protagonists- as I’d assume it would be easier for a female to write a female protagonist compare to a male. While I have tried my hand with female characters, I’d like to have a go at writing a film- whether it be a short or a feature, with a female cast. Not to prove a point, or to send a message or anything like that. I just feel as though it will allow me to create better female characters in the future. After learning about inclusive design I don’t think I can watch a film without considering it.


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feminstfrenzy- The Bechdel Test for Women in Movies, retrieved from Youtube.


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