“Escape from Copyright”

Most people think they understand copyright laws. However typically they only know bits and pieces. I thought I had already had a brief understand of copyright thanks to high school legal studies, but I was mistaken..  Copyright applies to “works”- which include novels, screenplays and paintings, and “subject-matter other than works”- like sound recordings, films and television.  I had already heard about the fair dealing for parody and satire, but did some further research of my own, and actually found that in the past courts tend to grant fair dealing protection for parody work, over satires. Parody is viewed as the ridiculing of a specific piece of work, whereas a satire can be viewed as a broader social critique. The difference is, the satire creator’s piece of work can carry the same message without the user of copyrighted work.

Since deciding that I wanted to pursue a career with screenwriting, I can say I’ve always been curious with copyright. In some of my work I’ve toyed with the idea of including lyrics from classic songs and it was interesting to see what I’m allowed to use. It was interesting to learn about Creative Commons. I’ve heard about it through conversation before, but I never thought it would to me. Creative Commons allows creators to use specific copyright material for free. For me this opens a low budget pathway for soundtracks and scores. What really interests me though is the use of trademarks and logos in film. I watched the linked video on our lecture:

On a side note I just had to pause halfway through to have a look at “Escape from Tomorrow”, an indie film which was secretly shot at Disneyland. The films Writer/Director Randy Moore took a small cast and crew, handheld tourist cameras, and went to Disneyland day after day without permission, disguised as tourists. Randy said the cast would rehearse their lines each morning in his hotel room. The film itself, which killed at Sundance Film Festival, was a feature length horror film that follows a fathers spiral into madness during a family trip to Disneyland.

Image from “Escape from Tomorrow” featuring Jack Dalton.

I’d love to see this film, because I feel it offers a unique plot- a horror film set in Disneyland, and a unique experience in general given the fact Randy Moore and his crew took the guerrilla filmmaking approach. They used all natural lighting, and shot in black and white which I think is a stylistic choice since Disneyland’s typically bright and colourful, but it also adds to the films eerie look.

This lecture I didn’t just learn about how my work is protected, and how I can further insure it, but I also learnt what my boundaries are as a filmmaker.


https://i.ytimg.com/vi/YozHHweTYas/maxresdefault.jpg COVER IMAGE

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