Making a Living in the Industry.

This week we learnt different pathways creators can take when funding their projects, and making a living off their work. While I had heard of methods like crowdfunding, specially Kickstarter and Pozzible, it was interesting to learn about other options that’re available. An employee at a production house/studio is typically given salary, which separates them from a freelancer who creates work for himself or for clients. The section of Pricing Psychology gave me insight into the pricing strategies, and idea’s I’ve never thought of- i.e prestige pricing, that just seemed ridiculous to me! There were a few more but what stood out to me was learning that you can create a studio with students and work from each others homes. I gave the article “The Art of Making a Living” to have a further look.

freddyw kcikstarter.png

I find it quite funny that I’m doing a post on this topic, because it’s one I’ve been thinking about since I started at SAE. Being a fan of some filmmaking YouTube channels- like Film Riot with Ryan Connolly or Freddy Wong, I had heard of crowdfunding before. In high school I even tried to put together a crowdfunding project with a few mates, but it never went through. But I have to admit, what really stuck out to me was learning that you don’t need big bucks or a factory/office to start up a production company. I already have a few friends attending SAE, and outside of who could be keen to set up a production company, so I’m keen to start putting the wheels in motion for that. I have an idea of setting up a broad network of filmmakers who would work together on projects, but also work freelance for others. That way longterm, potentially it could become a service allowing clients to hire filmmakers directly. I guess after this lecture I find myself leaning towards running my own studio, or even freelance work in the future. I’m not sure being employee for a production house is for me just yet. Somewhat because of the fixed salary, but also because of the fear of lack of creative freedom. It’s not that I dislike working on other people’s projects, in fact I love it because it allows me to open my imagination to different ideas. I’d just like the freedom to choose some of my projects. In saying that I wouldn’t stray from working as an employee for a year or two, gaining experience and industry connections.

Being a salesman outside of school, Pricing Psychology confused me, and enticed me at the same time. When I first read it “Prestige Pricing” sounded stupid. But the more I think about it, the more it makes sense. While I still think it’s not as effective as others, I can see how it can work. Residencies also seems like an amazing opportunity, it’s something that I’ll definitely have to follow up with. Overall, it was somewhat reassuring to know there are several pathways to take..


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crowdfunding-1871-20150302.jpg : Cover Image


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